Character Design, Digital Art and Animation

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I will draw...

  • Creatures

  • Original Species

  • Animals

  • Custom Designs

  • Humans

  • Monsters

  • Mechas/Robots/Androids

  • Anthros

  • Fanart (Things like pokemon, digimon, steven universe, etc.)

  • *My art goes up to R-13, Anything above that I will not draw.

I will not draw...

  • Super realism

  • Art for the purposes of reselling or NFTs

  • Imitations of other artists styles

  • Pornography - Fetish Art

  • You or someone you know

  • Offensive or Discriminatory Material

I.General Terms

Purchasing a commission or design from me means the automatic acceptance of my Terms of Service.

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission request. A reason will always be provided to the client.

  • I hold every right to the produced drawing unless the rights to the image are purchased by the client. I may use the image for personal advertisement, and/or post it in any social network of my choosing, under my name (ErmineLeader).

  • The client may post the commissioned artwork to their social networks or accounts, so long credit is redirected back to me (ErmineLeader) for the original artwork. Claiming ownership of the art is strictly forbidden.

  • I reserve the right to stop working on a commission, or cancel a commission request, due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior or if there's a breach of these Terms of Service.

  • Minor edits and changes are free in all phases, though big changes will come with additional fees. Client will be updated with wips (work in progress) and stages of the commission as I work on it, and I ask for approval during each stage.

  • A commissioned drawing is a digital good and will not be shipped to an address.

  • The client must provide clear references. Written descriptions are permitted, so long accompanied by photos or other referential content provided by myself, google or other sources.

  • I reserve the right to increase the price if the client wishes to include more details than originally agreed upon.

  • Commissions can be requested to remain private upon request (aka: not be posted publicly to social media and/or network)

  • A Purchase of Commercial rights to the artwork will always be 300% of the original price.

  • I reserve the right to have any of my art (personal or commission work) removed from any social media or network upon request.

What is considered commercial use?

  • Reproducing and selling the artwork.

  • When you receive profit in the medium where you’re using it and/or as a way to get followers and views (Patreon, Youtube videos, banner of a personal site, business cards etc.)

  • Claiming complete ownership over the artwork in every way shape or form.

II. Payment

  • All commissions must all be paid for either 50% upfront and 50% upon proof of finalization, 100% upfront or 100% to be paid by the designated date agreed upon by myself and the client which will be documented in Paypal invoice.

  • Payment will be done via Paypal invoicing. An invoice will always be sent within 48 hours of recieving the clients paypal email address.

  • The currency accepted is USD only.

  • Commissions are subject to additional fees before or after I have started the process. All fees will be discussed with the client before any additional invoices are sent to receive payment.

III. Workflow

  • My ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is usually 1-5 weeks depending on the piece. Updates will be given during sketch, lines and final colors phase, before being posted.

  • I will inform you if your commission will take longer than originally estimated for any reason.

  • Client will receive the full file with no watermark and a watermarked version. The watermarked version may be posted online by myself or the client.

  • I will always provide a price breakdown and total price before accepting a commission that shows the price of the commission itself as well as any additional fees.

IV. Refunds

  • If I am unable to finish your commission for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

  • In any other circumstances, full refunds may only be issued if the Client notifies me before I start working on the commission.

  • Partial refunds will be issued if the commission is at least 50% completed, being the percentage equivalent of the price paid for.

  • I may issue a full refund after starting a commission if I feel communication from myself to the client has been insufficient under my own discretion.

  • No refunds will be issued if any of these Terms of Service are breached. Additionally, I have the right to revoke access to, and stop working on the commission at any time once it's started if these Terms of Service are breached.

  • A chargeback will be considered a breach of these terms of service and a refund will not be issued.

Art Commissions

Prices and Examples

Final prices are subject to complexity fees (Click the button below for a full breakdown), I will always disclose the price and reason in your quote before sending an invoice so you know what you're paying for.

  • I am always willing to work with your budget!

  • Some Commission types have a flat fee price while some have a fee price that varies, this will be listed under the commission type.

  • (example: Chibis have a flat fee price of +5 for wings while Shaded Fullbodies may be +20 for wings due to the size and detail difference)

  • Multiple characters in the same piece will need a quote, pricing can differ based on how complex the other character is.

Pricing Order

Fullbody 100% Price - Halfbody 75% Price - Headshot 50% Price
(some are rounded up)

Chibis - $20

Only come in Fullbody
+$5 for complexity

Colored Sketch

Complexity fee varies (details in fees page)


Complexity fee varies (details in fees page)

Simple Shading

Complexity fee varies (details in fees page)

Fullbody - $65 | Halfbody - $50 | Headshot - $35

Detailed Shading

Complexity fee varies (details in fees page)

Fullbody - $75 | Halfbody - $60 | Headshot - $40


  • All backgrounds are an additional price added on to the price of drawing characters themselves.

  • Solid, gradient or pattern backgrounds (think spots or checkered) are always free upon request!

  • Whether a background is simple or detailed is based on how much you ask for in the background. Example: A field could be considered simple but can be considered detailed if it's specified you want a town in field somewhere.

  • Due to the nature of backgrounds, most prices will be a sliding scale and will require a quote to allow for adjustments in price before an invoice is sent.

Simple Backgrounds

+$30 - $60

Backgrounds that are less detailed but still get across the gist of where the character is. (backgrounds that are mainly sky or space are usually in this category)

Detailed Backgrounds

+$75 - $120

Backgrounds with lots of details!


Quote needed

I'm open to any kinds of commissions and you can dm me about anything you want that isn't listed above! They are priced based on what you want and need a quote to know the exact price.

Custom Designs

Will you design Closed Species?

Yes! However you will be responsible for getting the design approved as well as acquiring any traits or myo slots needed for your design.The only exception for this rule is if I am an official designer of the species you're getting a custom of, in that case I will take on the responsibility of adding them to the masterlist and making sure you have all your traits before accepting the custom!I will not provide any traits or myo slots for you. If I am an official designer then your custom does not need a MYO slot. (This may change depending on the species)

You must provide proof of a rule stating custom designs are allowed or provide proof of permission from the species owner before hand to make sure they are okay with custom designs being made of their species.

General Info

  • Make sure you have an Inspiration sheet on hand when asking for a commission. I give quotes based on what I see on the sheet and what you tell me.

  • I take full payment upfront and will always let you know your total before sending an invoice.

  • I'll ask for your paypal email so I can send an invoice, once the invoice is sent you are allowed to take as much time as you need to pay but it must be paid in full and you must communicate when you need more time and when the invoice has been paid.

All Custom Design Commissions come with...

  • A fullbody; Shading included.

  • Any accessories or piercings and light clothing

  • A head shot to show face details (On request)

  • A smaller lineless version to show markings if its asymmetrical

Prices and Examples

These are all base prices and will usually have complexity fees (Click the button below for a full breakdown), I will always disclose the price and reason in your quote before sending an invoice so you know what you're paying for.

General Designs - $75+

Character and Creature customs for anything that aren't existing CS/OS. Price varies a lot by species complexity so a quote is needed!

Redesigns - $70 - $100

I'll take your existing character and redesign them as little or as much as you want! Price varies depending on how different you want them to be.

Closed Species - $75+

A custom design of any existing open or closed species. Price varies a lot by species complexity so a quote is needed!
Please read the disclaimer at the top of the page before ordering one.

Kebanzu - $100

I not am currently an official designer for Kebanzu which means custom terramesia species require a MYO Slot beforehand.

Requires all Uncommon and Rare traits to be bought from hauket, MYO slots and Event traits can be earned for free on the Lorekeeper Website:

Terramesia species belong to hauket @ deviantart

Ren Fair - $100

Requires all Uncommon and Rare traits to be bought from hauket, MYO slots and Event traits can be earned for free on the Lorekeeper Website:

Terramesia species belong to hauket @ deviantart

Terramesia Pets - $50 - $100

  • All pets/species currently in the pet store are available for customs

  • Price Range is based on size and complexity of the pet species.

Requires all Uncommon and Rare traits to be bought from hauket, MYO slots and Event traits can be earned for free on the Lorekeeper Website:

Terramesia species belong to hauket @ deviantart

Commission Fees

quotes are always open, this page is just to let you know what might have a fee but the only way to know is with a quote!

These are just the most common things I draw that are complex enough to require additional fees. Anything else not listed under this may have a complexity fee such as some markings and physical features and will be mentioned in your quote.

  • Any Art Commission Type that has "Complexity fee varies" under it's title applies here.

  • Any Complexity fees for Custom Designs will also be here.

Things that will NOT have a fee

  • Recoloring markings or adding small things/changes.

  • Removing a marking.

  • Making minor edits to the sketch such as horn shape, leg or tail positioning, expression, etc.


I may not add a fee to your quote if I think it won't be as difficult to draw for your specific custom.

  • Small/Cherub Wings - $5 per pair

  • Medium Wings - $25 per pair

  • Large Wings - $50 per pair

  • Complex Accessories (Intricate jewelry, Hats, Woven Clothing) - $15 - $30

  • Clothing (Outfits, Complex Clothing) - $25 - $50 (Case by case)

  • Certain Markings - $5 - $25 (Case by case)

  • Palettes with all neon colors (I have sensitive eyes) - $50

  • Extra Limbs - $15 per pair

  • Mechanical Parts - $25 - $50

  • Certain Physical Traits (Super long tails, Lots of eyes, Feathers) - $25 - $50

What is General Complexity?

If I feel that a design or character as a whole will take me a while to draw due to a lot of details I may add "General Complexity ($??)" in your quote. You can always ask specifically why there is a general complexity fee and I will always be as transparent as possible.

  • Clean Lined commissions have a fee for heavy clothing that is on a case by case basis for simplicity sake.

  • An abundance of accessories can have complexity fees.

  • Major edits, such as redrawing something after it has been lined, completely redrawing everything and having to redo certain markings that already have a fee applied, will have an extra fee.

Rush Fees

If a commission needs to be completed fully in less then a weeks time there is a rush fee that is dependent on how short the time to work on the commission is.Rush fees do not add to the resale value of the customs that have their value logged in a masterlist.